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This web site has been put on line in the hope it may draw some interest from either agents, publishers or producers who may wish to push the complete story a little further and beyond this static preview presentation. If you happen to stumble across this message and you do not belong to the above elite, but know of people in these professions please feel free to forward this site’s address to them.

Secondly this is a unique opportunity to present some of my work, even though being restricted to one project that has obvious limitations, in a very accessible form. I consider the whole concept of ‘personal website’ as a little egocentric and vein and at the same time terribly intrusive exposing an intimate part of myself to the public, but at the same time looking for means to go further. Being aware of the contradiction between the desire for recognition or remaining anonymous is the root of my dilemma made me somewhat perplexed and hesitant about constructing a site. I enjoy the total freedom of expression, which is directly related to my insignificance and the desire to remain backstage. I fear recognition (Good or Bad) because of the bonds and ties that accompany it. Success is a frightening concept. If it had not been for my close circle of family and friends who have encouraged me to take this step I most probably would have been quite content to shelve this project together with a host of others. Unfortunately I have a responsibility in the process of creating. The ‘doing’ is the road to my personal enrichment. The products of these actions are potential seeds that may lead to some other form of creation. From this perspective I have come to terms with the concept making my work public.

Finally, as part of my life is dedicated to teaching, where I consider myself as a paid student, this is a way of giving something back to all those who have influenced and taught me within the confines of the educational institution. The teaching process is not, and never been, a one way flow of information, but an exchange and communication of concepts and ideas between student and teacher. I feel privileged that I have had so many students as teachers and regret that many of these students had so few teachers. I do practice what I preach where design is a way of life.

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